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This is more than just a music lesson, this is the start of your musical journey.

I provide professional guitar and drum lessons, designed to help you achieve your goals.
Child Protection in Education Music Certified, for guitar and drum lessons
Child Protection in Education Music Certified
30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Enhanced DBS checked tutor

Are you looking for guitar/drum lessons but have no clue where to start?

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"The children are all very engaged with the learning, and have enjoyed their sessions."

Samantha Faulkner (Manhattan Music)

Take control of your musical development

Develop your skills

Step by step focused curriculum

Now is the time to take control of your musical development. My tried and tested curriculum, is designed to help you progress quickly and effectively for maximum results. You will learn all the skills you need, to become a competent & gig ready player. 

Performance ready

Preparing you for 'real life' performances

Can you imagine how good it would feel, to walk onto a stage and captivate an audience? Music shouldn’t be just an academic exercise, it should be about connecting with others. As a professional gigging musician, I can prepare you with the skills and knowledge for those all important first performances.  

Lifetime investment

This isn't just a hobby it's a way of life

Welcome to the start of something beautiful, where you invest and commit to a lifetime of fun and musical learning. At Tetlow Music Tuition, we don’t just offer one -off guitar/drum lessons. We focus and commit regular time with you, to give you the best chance of success.  

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

"I guarantee that you'll love it or I'll give you your money back!"

I only want you to continue your tuition if you love it.  Try out my monthly subscription packages risk free. If by the end of the first month you haven’t enjoyed your sessions, let me know and I will refund your subscription money. (If your membership includes any bonuses, your refund will deduct the value of goods that were delivered to you.)

Which instrument excites you?


Guitar lessons designed to help you achieve your goals

Are you looking for guitar lessons that can take you from ground zero to guitar hero? Well you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are just starting or maybe you want to brush up on your guitar skills, I’ve got something for you. My guitar lessons will take you through all the elements you need to achieve your goals, in a structured and fun way. You will learn everything you need to start playing your favourite songs quickly, with ease, precision and passion.

Drum kit

Drum lessons designed to help you dominate the kit

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an absolute beast on the drum kit? Do you want to learn how to be the rock solid engine in a band? Drummers are a rare breed, we keep everyone dancing and make the difference between an okay band and a phenomenal one. My drum lessons will take you through all the skills that you need to become a well rounded, competent and gig ready drummer. This tuition will kick start your drumming career, and put you on the path to dominating the drums. 

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